Capital City Communications is an engineering based company specialising in 2 way Radio and Cellular Telephony Communications solutions.

Our approach is to understand our customers, often individual and unique, communications requirements and to seek out sound innovative solutions for challenging areas to create a robust solution.

We then bring together all the custom and standard components which make up a "bespoke" communications system and integrate, deliver and supply a system to satisfy these customer requirements.

Our ability to provide this capability is based upon a combined experience of over 70 years in the Communications Industry, listening to customers, and then designing and supplying solutions to fit their exact needs.

The main engineering threads to our solutions are based upon expertise and in-depth understanding of the tradeoffs inherent in Radio Coverage Solutions and Radio Site Engineering and then applying meticulous attention to detail and execution in Systems Design and Integration.

This Overview of our activities seeks to explain some of these capabilities and how they may be relevant to the diverse needs of our customers. If you have questions, please give us a call to see if we can help.

We are based in Farnham, UK to the south west of London but we provide a full nationwide or sometimes international service.


Capital City can Specify, Design, Source, Integrate, Install and Configure anything from the simplest of radio systems to a specialised bespoke multi-site communication system.

Radio Coverage Solutions

Capital City Communications can offer a range of solutions for different types of area coverage needs, providing innovative solutions for the more challenging areas of operation.

We design and implement; Local, Wide area, tunnel or in-building coverage networks, ensuring predictable and reliable penetration of signals into a chosen operational area, however inaccessible.

We bring together the essential components; Antennas, Filters, Radiating cable, Feeders and Repeater stations and using our expertise to meld the whole together to build a Communication System to satisfy the customer requirements and aspirations.

Successful area coverage solutions require the designer to have an intimate understanding of radio propagation techniques coupled with the practical experience to produce a reliable and cost effective solution.

Capital City have extensive experience in the following areas;

Local and Wide Area Coverage Solutions

Understanding and selection of the appropriate configuration of the Antenna and its sitting is the key to provision of an effective area coverage solution.

Our engineers have many years of experience with all the major manufacturers of Antennas and have even commissioned the design of new and innovative antenna solutions to shape the antenna radiation pattern to maximise the coverage whilst still meeting licence conditions imposed by the Government regulator; Ofcom (Government Office of Communications).

In-building Coverage Solutions

We have extensive experience in providing robust Private Mobile Radio and Cellular communications inside a building or structure right the way from the lift motor room through office areas, to the basements and the underground car park areas.

These systems may require multiple specialised antennas or Radiating Cable (sometimes known as "Leaky Feeder"), regulating the flow of signals to each floor / office and keeping the signals inside the building and reducing the spill-out effect outside the perimeter of the office / building and ensuring compliance with the Ofcom licence.

Tunnel Coverage Solutions

We have many years of experience designing communication solutions for tunnels ranging from small bore confined space walkways, single rail underground tunnels commonly known as the "tube" and multi-track road and railway tunnels.

Many of these systems are installed as "safety of life" systems and are required to be engineered to the highest standards and provide instant "all informed" communications to all radio users which cellular phones cannot provide.


Radio Site Engineering

When using portable radios operating directly "radio to radio", the operating range would be in the order of 3 to 5km dependent upon the terrain.

Radio Sites are introduced to systems to extend the operational range. At a radio "Site" a repeater station will be introduced, allowing the portable radio users to talk and receive messages via the repeater station.

The higher the Radio Site, which will be situated on a hill or tall building, the further the usable range. Typically this will be will be 15 km for portables or 50 km for vehicle mounted radios.

However, when two or more repeater stations are co-located on a radio site, additional Radio Frequency (RF) engineering is required. This can make the difference between getting the full coverage of which the site is capable or the site providing less than half of the expected range.

This is because the repeater station transmitters and receivers will interfere with each other and this interference will mask the signals incoming and outgoing. In extreme cases, there may also be interference generated that will cause problems to other users over a wide area.

Sound RF engineering and analysis will allow one of our engineers to select and configure filter components to provide the users with reduced interference and the optimum range from the radio site.


System Integration

As a systems integrator, Capital City can Specify, Design, Source, Integrate, Install and Configure anything from the simplest of radio systems to a specialised bespoke multi-site communication system.

Our experience encompasses many technologies from straight forward 2-way radio systems to fully automatic digital trunk radio systems with analogue or digital voice.

This means that we can offer our customer the appropriate mode of operation from rapid call set-up "all informed" communication networks as used by Police and Military customers to fully featured Radio/Telephone/Data Systems.

We can also offer systems and overlays that provide integrated location capability and Heath and Safety subsystems that provide confidence and security for 'Lone Workers" and confidence for managers that "Man-Down" situations can be resolved safely and quickly.

As part of our system integration service we can investigate the integration of existing equipment into new or updated systems and provide a refurbishment and programming service to ensure that such equipment can provide a trouble free second "life".


Flexible Management and Operation Options

Some of our customers recognise that they do not have the resources or expertise to manage a complex radio system, for these customers, Capital City may undertake to own, operate and manage the radio system for a customer or a group of customers.

This option gives the customer a predictable operating cost profile for a highly reliable system and ensures that scarce resources are employed in more productive core activities.