We are able to supply accessories for Entel, Motorola and Team Simoco portable radios and mobiles;

Aerials for Vehicles

• Batteries for portables radios

• Chargers: Single and Multi Way

• D-shape earphone, inline microphone and PTT

• Head Sets – Light weight and high noise environments

• Remote speaker microphones

• And many more ….

For more information, please email: radioaccessories@capitalcity.co.uk

Aerials for Vehicles

Providing a full selection of quality aerials for vehicles.
The aerial can either be;
• Panel mounted,
• Magnetically mount or
• Glass mounted.
The panel and magnetic mount have a common modular whip assembly.

The following frequency bands (MHz) vs gain is detailed below;

• 67-512MHz, a gain of 0dB*,
• 140-300MHz, a gain of 3dB*,
• 380-512MHz, a gain of 5dB*
(*when compared with 1/4wave)
The Glass mount aerial with the appropriate base (frequency dependent), can operate as low as 142MHz and as high as 470MHz. The gain is 0dB when compared with 1/4wave.
The aerials coaxial feeder length is normally 5m and the connector type to be specified.

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